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  • Home DNS/Wireguard VPN?
  • Layered gitconfig?
  • Get out of Google!
    • calcurse for Calendar management?
    • aerc or neomutt for email?
    • My home-grown backup network for Drive?
    • Photos?
  • Learn to use journalctl
  • Neovim LSP
  • Move to NixOS or Guix? Declarative may be the future...?
  • Better/more secure remote management configuration?
    • Why can't I hold all these SSH keys/configs/target hosts?
  • Setup network file share that's easily accessible from Windows and macOS hosts?
    • Samba?
  • Add vim in the terminal as the handler for many MIME types (xdg-open and such) for the rare time I'm in a file manager or for opening easily from the browser.
    • This goes for navigating "into" a file in nnn
  • Investigate systemd services that may help with various tasks (homed, etc.)


Here are some things Helix doesn't do well that are common use cases for my Neovim setup:

  • Session management:
  • "Infinite" undo persistence
    • I want to be able to open a file, make changes, save it, close helix, re- open that same file and still be able to undo all the changes I made - one might argue that I should just use git better, and you would be right, but this is something I've come to rely on for the time being
  • The ability to :reflow with indentation taken into account?