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Add ftplugin dir and include a nim file to ban tabs =(
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lytedev’s dotfiles

My various configuration files. Don’t use them directly, just take what you like.

🖥️ Upstream🐙 GitHub Mirror

Battlestation Desktop Screenshot


curl -s -L | sh

To Do

  • Hibernation and proper automatic power controls
  • Learn to use journalctl
  • Fix sway workspaces on desktop
  • Neovim LSP
  • Move to NixOS (WIP) or Guix? Declarative is the future!
  • Better/more secure remote management configuration in dotfiles? 1
  • Setup network file share?
  • Add vim in the terminal as the handler for many MIME types (xdg-open and such) for the rare time I’m in a file manager or for opening easily from the browser.
  • Unify all the common variables... somehow? (and use templates and envsubst?)
  • Vimux?
  • Investigate systemd services that may help with various tasks (homed, etc.)