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lytedev's dotfiles

My various configuration files. Don't use them directly, just take what you like.

🖥️ Upstream🐙 GitHub Mirror

Battlestation Desktop Screenshot


  • fish
  • bat
  • fd
  • sd
  • fzf
  • tmux
  • rsync
  • exa
  • nnn
  • nvim


set dfp ~/.config/lytedev-dotfiles
git clone $dfp && cd $dfp
# symlink host/os-specific directories
ezln ./os/linux $ENV_PATH/linux
# setup again once env has all the layers you want

Basic Usage

To Do

  • Wifi + Home DNS

  • Rotate/switch gpg keys and password-store, setup properly on phone

    • Maybe something age/sops-based?
  • Layered gitconfig?

  • Get out of Google!

    • calcurse for Calendar management?
    • aerc or neomutt for email?
    • My home-grown backup network for Drive?
    • Photos?
  • Hibernation and proper power management for laptop?

  • Learn to use journalctl

  • Fix sway workspaces on desktop?

  • Neovim LSP

  • Move to NixOS (WIP) or Guix? Declarative is the future!

  • Better/more secure remote management configuration in dotfiles? 1

  • Setup network file share?

  • Home VPN

  • Add vim in the terminal as the handler for many MIME types (xdg-open and such) for the rare time I'm in a file manager or for opening easily from the browser.

    • This goes for navigating "into" a file in nnn
  • Unify all the common variables... somehow? (and use templates and envsubst?)

  • Vimux?

  • Investigate systemd services that may help with various tasks (homed, etc.)

  • Be more macOS friendly, since work may require that