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/img/space.jpg #000 0.6 #0af About A little about the man behind this website.

My name is Daniel Flanagan. I was born in Virginia (but my family didn't stay long) and now live in Kansas City, Missouri. My family still lives in the area and I have 6 awesome little brothers. Yes, my parents had seven boys and are fantastic. I'm married and have a son of my own, who is an absolute joy! I love my family quite a lot.

I'm a systems engineer/software developer and an elder-in-training for my small church where I help run the tech and audio-visual systems. My faith is the framework around which I've built my life and it plays a pivotal role in all aspects of my life.

I'm a big proponent of self-discipline and working from home. My favorite video game has to be Super Smash Bros. Melee. I listen to a lot of metal and electronic music. My favorite drink is Red Bull Yellow Edition and I prefer tea over coffee. I run GNU+Linux on all my machines. My keyboard is a custom Iris board that was a blast to put together.

My wife, Valerie, is absolutely the most beautiful and lovely woman in the entire world. She's a Physical Therapist Assistant by vocation and somewhat of a fitness and health nut, which has yet to rub off on me (darn!). Now she raises our son Oliver and savors every second. We've been married since late 2016 and we fall more in love every day. We currently live in a cozy little apartment which she somehow manages to keep clean, organized, and well-decorated while managing a growing baby boy.

I grew up not around the dining table, but around the keyboard or latest Nintendo console; video games were bonding and family time. I discovered programming through my dad who showed me QBASIC after I persisted in asking how video games were made. Within a few weeks I had made a simple snake game and he then bought me a book titled C# for the Absolute Beginner and that was it. I was hooked.

Now we're here!