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CLI Proof-of-Concept

None of this crap is really tested. Have fun!

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Run the below scripts to install poc-cli for your platform:

Linux x86_64

sudo curl -o /usr/bin/poc-cli \
sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/poc-cli

macOS Intel

sudo curl -o /usr/bin/poc-cli \
sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/poc-cli

macOS Apple Silicon (M1)

sudo curl -o /usr/bin/poc-cli \
sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/poc-cli

Just let me download files through my browser like a normal human being

Ok, fine geez.

Why are these binaries so freakin' big?

It's got the whole Deno runtime packed in there.

Also, something something your mom. <3

Known Issues

  • The plugin directory being present doesn't really mean it's "installed" ;P

Compile It Yourself

deno compile -A -o poc-cli src/core.ts

You can cross-compile, too. See deno compile --help for --target.

deno compile -A -o poc-cli.linux.x86_64 --target x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu src/core.ts
deno compile -A -o poc-cli.darwin.x86_64 --target x86_64-apple-darwin src/core.ts
deno compile -A -o poc-cli.darwin.aarch64 --target aarch64-apple-darwin src/core.ts

Run Without Compiling

deno run -A src/core.ts

Deploy Artifacts

rcp ./poc-cli.* faceless:~/../public-static-files/poc-cli/


I dunno, but probably something like this:

sudo mv poc-cli /usr/bin/poc-cli
sudo chown root:root /usr/bin/poc-cli
sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/poc-cli


It's self-documenting... sort of!


My Old Notes Below!

Pluggable CLI

  • Each subcommand is a plugin?
  • Versioning and/or stability will be important?
    • Maybe plugins never change and instead you prefix them with a version?
      • How can we build stability into the system?
  • Some subset or all plugins are already known
  • Auto-download plugins when attempting to run a command
  • Completions for subcommands
    • Are completions provided for commands not-yet-installed? Does attempting to complete a subcommand's commands install the plugin and process its completions?
  • Will have configuration

Core functions

  • What plugins are available to me?
    • HTTP GET (and cache?) some known human- and machine-readable manifest
      • JSON, YAML, Cue, or Ion?
  • Install a plugin
    • HTTP GET
  • Delete a plugin
    • rm -r dir
  • Update self
    • download new binary and replace self with it
  • Update plugin
    • replace plugin
  • Run a plugin with some given arguments
    • call plugin with args

Components I See

  • Core
    • Knows where to find manifest (may cache locally)
    • Installs, updates, deletes plugins using information in manifest
    • Can update or uninstall itself
    • Can run plugins
  • Manifest
    • Contains information about where to find plugins and their versions
  • Plugins
    • Probably dumb scripts that call fancier things