Re-add tmux, firefox fancy on laptop

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Daniel Flanagan 2023-07-17 16:44:22 -05:00
parent f2347bf291
commit e32e6f912e
Signed by: lytedev
GPG Key ID: 5B2020A0F9921EF4
4 changed files with 127 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -36,10 +36,10 @@ function l -a dot -a target -d "Symlink a dotfile configuration file or director
pushd $dfp
l common/tmux/conf $h/.tmux.conf
test -d ~/.tmux/pluginx/tpm || \
git clone ~/.tmux/plugins/tpm
l common/zellij $c/zellij
l common/tmux/conf $h/.tmux.conf
l common/fish $c/fish
l common/bat $c/bat
l common/bash/rc $h/.bashrc

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@ -1,3 +1,12 @@
#webrtcIndicator {
display: none;
#main-window[tabsintitlebar="true"]:not([extradragspace="true"]) #TabsToolbar>.toolbar-items {
opacity: 0;
pointer-events: none;
#main-window:not([tabsintitlebar="true"]) #TabsToolbar {
visibility: collapse !important;

common/tmux/conf Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,116 @@
unbind C-b
set -g prefix C-s
bind s send-prefix
bind v split-window -h -c "#{pane_current_path}"
bind b split-window -c "#{pane_current_path}"
bind T source-file "$HOME/.tmux.conf" \; display-message "Reloaded $HOME/.tmux.conf"
# dump buffer contents to file
bind O display-message "#(tmux-save-buffer '#S')"
# TODO: dump buffer to file and open in EDITOR?
bind D attach-session -t . -c '#{pane_current_path}' \; display-message "Set session path to #{pane_current_path}"
# toggle status bar
bind H set -s status
# pane navigation
bind -n C-l select-pane -R
bind -n C-k select-pane -U
bind -n C-j select-pane -D
bind -n C-h select-pane -L
# tab creation
bind -n C-t new-window
bind Tab next-window
# tab nav is the default p and n binds
# window switcher is the default w bind
# session switcher
bind s run "tmux split-window -l 12 'tmuxswitcher'"
set -g update-environment "WAYLAND_DISPLAY DISPLAY"
set -g mouse on
set -g escape-time 0
set -g monitor-activity on
set -g visual-bell off
set -g bell-action other
set -g activity-action none
set -g mode-keys vi
set -g history-limit 1000000
set -g status on
set -g status-position bottom
set -g status-style "fg=colour8 bg=default"
# set -g status-bg default
# set -g status-fg colour8
set -g status-interval 5
set -g status-left-length 50
set -g window-status-style "fg=colour8 bg=default"
set -g window-status-format "#W"
set -g window-status-separator " "
set -g window-status-activity-style "fg=colour7 bg=default"
set -g window-status-bell-style "fg=colour1 bg=default"
set -g window-status-current-style "fg=colour4 bg=default"
set -g window-status-current-format " #W "
set -g status-left "#h:#S "
set -g status-right ""
# set -ag status-right "#(pwd | $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/lytedev-dotfiles/common/bin/glancepath) "
set -ag status-right "#(kubeline && printf ' ')"
set -g status-left-length 1000
# set -g status-right-length 280
# set -ag status-right "#{pane_current_command}"
set -g message-style "fg=colour7 bg=default"
set -g pane-active-border-style fg=blue
set -g pane-border-style fg=colour0
set -g clock-mode-colour colour8
set -g base-index 1
set -g pane-base-index 1
set -g window-status-current-format "#W"
# present a menu of urls to open from the visible pane
# TODO: fuzzy search this
# bind u capture-pane \;\
# save-buffer /tmp/tmux-buffer \;\
# split-window -l 10 "urlscan /tmp/tmux-buffer"
bind -T copy-mode-vi "y" send-keys -X copy-pipe-no-clear 'wl-copy' \; display-message 'Copied to clipboard!'
bind -T copy-mode-vi MouseDragEnd1Pane send-keys -X copy-pipe-no-clear 'wl-copy' \; display-message 'Copied to clipboard!'
bind K kill-pane
bind C-S-k kill-window
# TODO: handle tmux nesting by being able to toggle the prefix (and indicate in status bar?)
# TODO: styles after `set -u key-table`
#if -F '#{pane_in_mode}' 'send-keys -X cancel' \;\
bind -T root F12 set -g prefix None \; set -g key-table off \; display-message "Keys OFF" \; refresh-client -S
# TODO: styles after `set -u key-table`
bind -T off F12 \
set -g -u prefix \;\
set -g -u key-table \;\
display-message "Keys ON" \;\
refresh-client -S
source-file "$ENV_PATH/*/tmux.d.conf"
set -g @plugin 'tmux-plugins/tpm'
set -g @plugin 'tmux-plugins/tmux-resurrect'
set -g @plugin 'tmux-plugins/tmux-continuum'
set -g @resurrect-capture-pane-contents 'on'
set -g @resurrect-processes 'helix hx vi vim nvim emacs man less more tail top htop btm irssi weechat mutt "git log" iex mix deno watchexec mosh-client ssh'
bind A run-shell "#{@resurrect-save-script-path}"
bind L run-shell "#{@resurrect-restore-script-path}"
set -g @continuum-restore 'on'
set -g @continuum-save-interval '120'

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@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ pacman -Sy --needed --noconfirm \
rsync rclone `# File Transfer` \
helix `# Text Editors` \
unzip `# Simple Unzipping` \
zellij `# Terminal Multiplexer` \
tmux zellij `# Terminal Multiplexer` \
dog bind nmap traceroute iputils `# Networking Utilities` \
curl wget xh `# HTTP Utilities` \
w3m `# Web Browser` \