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## Provisioned Setup
This method is incomplete and unstable. It takes a fresh box with a network
connection and fully sets it up the way I like.
curl -LO lyte.dev/dfi.sh && sh -i dfi.sh
# Repo Structure
My dotfiles are composed together by layering "environments" since I want my dotfiles to be flexible across servers, laptops, desktops, and even my phone (via Termux).
@ -135,15 +144,12 @@ git merge upstream/master
# Todo
- Setup `host/desktop/bin/reboot-to-windows` to use efibootmgr and simply grep for the boot entry
- Maybe also a script for cleaning up bad boot entries?
They're littered throughout the repo in code comments. `rg -i todo`
# Screenshots
## Arch Linux Desktop
![Desktop Screenshot][desktop-screenshot]
Any relevant screenshots should be findable here:
[upstream]: https://git.lyte.dev/lytedev/dotfiles
[github]: https://github.com/lytedev/dotfiles