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main > .highlight > pre.chroma
border 0
padding 0.25em 0.5em
border-left solid 0.25em var(--syntax-left-edge)
overflow-y visible
overflow-x auto
background-color var(--syntax-bg)
-moz-tab-size 2
tab-size 2
color var(--fg)
main > .highlight > pre.chroma > code > .line
margin-right 5em
color var(--syntax-err)
background-color var(--syntax-bg)
// Line Table Cell
vertical-align top
padding 0
margin 0
border 0
// Line Table
border-spacing 0
padding 0
margin 0
border 0
width auto
overflow auto
display block
// Line Highlight
display block
width 100%
background-color var(--syntax-lhl)
// Line Numbers and Line Number Table
.ln, .lnt
margin-right 0.4em
padding 0 0.4em 0 0.4em
.ge { font-style: italic } // GenericEmph
.gs { font-weight: bold } // GenericStrong
for c in k kc kd kp kr kt no
.{c} { color: var(--syntax-aq) }
for c in na nc nd ne gi nf nx
.{c} { color: var(--syntax-name) }
for c in l se m mb mf mh mi il mo
.{c} { color: var(--syntax-lit) }
for c in ld s sa sb sc dl sd s2 sh si sx sr s1 ss
.{c} { color: var(--syntax-lits) }
for c in kn nt o gd ow
.{c} { color: var(--syntax-mag) }
for c in c ch cm c1 cs cp cpf gu gp go
.{c} { color: var(--syntax-sh) }