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HOST ?= localhost
.PHONY: build dev watch serve-and-watch
build: node_modules dist/index.html dist/styles.css dist/main.js
node_modules: package.json yarn.lock ; yarn install
dev: build node_modules
./node_modules/.bin/elm-live src/Main.elm --host="${HOST}" --dir=dist --hot --start-page=index.html -- --debug --output=dist/main.js
reactor: node_modules ; yarn elm reactor
watch: node_modules ; fswi "make build" src
dist/main.js: node_modules dist src/Main.elm
yarn elm make --output=dist/main.js src/Main.elm
dist/index.html: dist src/index.html
cp src/index.html dist/
dist/styles.css: node_modules dist src/styles.styl
yarn stylus src/styles.styl -o dist/
dist: ; mkdir -p dist/
clean: ; rm -rf dist/